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About this game

It's 6:54pm in Midtown Detorit, and you try to move from your bed, but the pain is too much to endure. You move back into a comfortable position on the bed and just look ahead blankly to the hospital door. The feeling of sadness runs right throughout your body everyday, and yet your unable to bring some joy into your life! Your aware of the fact that there is no fun in this kind of life, spending every day in a hospital bed, and your know eventually the doctors will just give up on you and your treatment. Whilst all this is going on in your scrambled brain a stranger pays you a visit, and the outcome of this meeting is not a pleaseant one. The stranger tells you that you lost your memory after being injected with some kind of drug and as soon you recover they will take you back into custody and torture you to death, or the law officials might even forge some paperwork to prove you are healthy enough to be shifted to a jail cell, and instead they'll probably take you to a deserted place, and kill you. Now your thinking this can't be possible? Well the stranger said he received inside information, that they'll just say you tried to attack the police officers and run away, and therefore to stop such a dangerous criminal going back into Mob Island they had to kill you. Shocked by what you have just been told, you run through all the options availaible to you in your mind. After much thought you decide you have no other option but to trust this guy, so you take some pain killers and run away from the hospital, in hope of dodging the police, and starting a fresh life somewhere else. Remember everything is in your hands and it's up to you to make a mark.